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Sasusaku - Sakura-Centric TimeTravelFic - Prologue
Prologue: To Make a Decision…
– Normal P.O.V. – (Valley of End, 4th Shinobi World War)
Time seemed to slow as the two boys ran at each other with their most powerful attacks in hand. Sakura stood and ran towards them as quickly as she could. She couldn't let them hurt each other… They were too important to her. She wouldn't survive without either of them…
So she would sacrifice herself instead…
The two boys were very close now. Meters apart from each other and she was meters away from them.
She could feel the swirling wind of the Rasengan and the shock from the Chidori.
They realized she was running at them and they both were shocked unable to pull back, having put too much force into their attack.
Sakura stood between them. She would welcome death, if it would stop them. She closed her eyes. "Sakura! NO!!!" A voice yelled in horror.
There was an explosion of pain from her chest area, and she coughed out metallic blood.
She was facing her love life, embrac
:iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 4 3
Mature content
Sasusaku Lost but Regained - 3 :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 7 3
Mature content
Sasusaku Lost but Regained - 2 :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 4 2
Mature content
Sasusaku Lost but Regained - 1 :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 6 1
SasuSaku Vamp Ch 13 Lunch...
"Ring!!!!!!" They all looked up when the bell rang.
"We'll keep talking during lunch." Ino said giving me a glare. I only smirked wider than before.
Sasuke chucked. "Sakura. You know. You look good when you smirk..." He said whispering in my ear.
"Sa-Sasuke!" I gasped suprised when he pecked me on the lips.
"Let's go." He chuckled pulling me out of the room. There was no one left outside as we ran for our next class.
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 13 Lunch...
Ok. So we went to class and I had to introduce myself in every class until lunch came. This what the schedule sheet said. I forgot to read it till now because Sasuke told me to follow him though out our classes becase we had the same classes.
Breakfast 8:00 pm - 8:55 pm
Vampire Sciology (Kakashi) 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Break 10:00 pm - 10:25 pm
Physical Training (Gai) 10:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Mental Control Training (Kurenai) 11: 35 pm - 12:35 am
Lunch 12:35 am - 1:35 am
Element Training (Kakashi) 1:40 am - 6:25 am (You may take breaks whenever
:iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 9 8
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 12 The group
"Hey Sasuke. Hello Sakura! Nice to meet ya! My name is Suigetsu! Call me Sui for short!" The one with whitish blue hair said. "My name is Juggo. Nice to meet you." The older one with orange hair said. I smiled. "Nice to meet you, Sui, Juggo!" I shook their hands. "Hn. Suigetsu. Juggo." Sasuke said calmly. "Have you met Karin yet?" Suigetsu asked. "Umm…" I said. "Yes she has. Do us a favour and keep her away from us please Suigetsu." Sasuke said. Suigetsu nodded. "I can try." Suigetsu said. Juggo nodded. "RINGGGG!!!!!!" The bell rang.  "Well, we'll see you later Sakura! Sasuke!" Suigetsu said. Juggo smiled as they both ran off. Me and Sasuke both packed our books. "Come on Sakura.  It's break time so we should go and meet the group now. I think you know who they are because Hinata must have told you?" He asked. "Umm… Yes… I think…" I said. "You think?" He asked. "I don't know." I said. "Whatever. Let's go meet them and you'll find out." He
:iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 5 4
Mature content
He's back... but-_Sasusaku_3 :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 9 2
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 11 Class...
     "Sakura..." Sasuke whispered. I was shaking with fear. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I stopped trembling. I looked around and saw that Naruto was comforting Hinata. "Who was that?..." I asked in a shaky voice. "My old "girlfriend."" Sasuke said. My eyes widened. "She's-" Sasuke cut me off by kissing me again. "I don't like her one bit now. Not with you here." Sasuke whispered in my ear. I sighed with relief. "Now let's get to class." He said holding both of my hands. I closed my eyes and nodded.
Sasusaku Ch 11 Class…
We walked to class to meet the teacher. "Ah. Sakura Haruno is it?" The teacher asked. He was a tall man and had silver hair. He was wearing a mask and a eyepatch. I started to wonder what was under the mask.
"Umm... Yes..." I said.
"Nice to meet you. I'll be training you with Sasuke and Naruto and I'll also teach you about Vampire Sciology. The name is Hatake Kakashi. Call me Kakashi Sensei." Kakashi said.
"Um... Ok..."
:iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 6 1
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 10 B4 Class..
     Then, I closed my own eyes and nodded. I felt him lick the spot on my neck he bit into before. If had already healed because vampires can heal faster than any humans can. My breath hitched when I felt him bite into me and suck on the wound. He lifted his head up and looked into my eyes. My eyes where half lidded and I stared back into his eyes. I felt tired and faint. "Ssasuke..." I said before closing my eyes and falling asleep.
Sasusaku Ch 10 Before class...
"Mmmm.... Uggghh..." I groaned shaking my head and waking up. I blinked a few times to clear my vision.
"You woke up just in time. We have about half an hour to do everything. I'd think you'd want to get ready." Sasuke said looking at me smirking. He was leaning against the wall. I stood up and looked at myself.
"Well... Now that you mention it... I am a bit messy." I said combing my fingers through my hair that was sticking up and tangled due to my twisting and turning. He chuckled. I walked
:iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 8 2
Mature content
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 9 Morning... :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 8 2
Mature content
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 8 A Couple :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 10 2
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 7 Universal?
     The blond hair lady said nothing but looked at me kindly and nodded. I looked back at Sasuke. He nodded and smirked. I told them everything I knew. The bases I had heard of, the plans to destroy the vampire society and also about the leaders of the vampire hunting society. They all listened intently. When I finished I noticed that it was super dark outside. Strangely I didn't feel tired at all. "Thank-you Sakura. I think we can trust her not to betray us. Now we can test her for special powers." The woman said. The rest nodded. She walked up to me. "Sakura can you come with me to another room?" She asked. I nodded. "Umm... Sure." I said nervously looking back at Sasuke. He nodded.
Sasusaku Powers... Ch 7
"I am the leader for this part of our society. You may call me Tsunade." She said. I walked out the room and into another room with Tsunade.
Inside there were 4 orbs. One was blue, one was white, one was green and one
:iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 7 1
Mature content
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 6 Questions.. :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 5 1
Sasusaku Vamp Ch 5 Drink Blood
"Ughhh... Just great..." I slapped my hand to my forehead. I, Sakura Haruno, had been a vampire hunter, but now I'm a vampire... I feel like a hypocrite. Jeez... The vampires probably      me for being one of their kind but having been in a society that killed vampires. Uhh ohh.... I feel kinda dizzy. I saw Sasuke smirking. "Sasuke... Help..." I said. Trailing off as I blacked out. I felt a pair of strong arms catch me before I lost consciousness.
Sasusaku Drinking Red Ch 5
I woke up to a burning in my throat. "Mmm..." I shook myself awake.
"Gh... What happened?" I looked around and saw Sasuke smirking at me.
"Umm... What's wrong Sasuke?" I asked nervously. He stared at me. I felt his power breaking into my mind again.
"Wha... S-stop Sasuke! Ghh.... My throat hurts." I said hoarsely. I felt him taking control of me. I saw his fangs grow sharp.
"Come..." He said.
"W-what are you doing?! Sasuke?!?" I asked as I was forced to walk to him. He only smir
:iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 9 3
Mature content
He's back... but- _Sasusaku_2 :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 7 4
Mature content
-He's back... but- _Sasusaku_ :iconsasulovessaku4ever:SasuLovesSaku4Ever 13 4


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So... I decided to drop the vamp story. Sorry. I have no inspiration... I was sort of just making it up as I went and I didn't really have a plan for that... hahaha.... and I went through that phase of loving vampires and that stuff. I can't think of anymore to do with that story. If someone wants to use the story and continue it, it's fine with me, just let me know.

I'm working on a time travel story idea with Sasusaku of course! >.< I'll try to start posting soon! It's summer yeah, but I'm taking summer school, so I'll still be pretty busy until late August!

I've also caught something and I'm getting headaches everytime I get up from bed too quickly... So. I hope to post some stories up for you soon!!!
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